Innovating Accounting with AI The Tellen Story

We believe that AI will fundamentally change knowledge work.

Company Overview

Our Beginning
Tellen was founded with a vision to improve audit quality using AI. We believe that technology will fundamentally transform the way accounting firms provide services to clients.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to empower the accountants to use AI to create lasting impact on the quality of their work. We believe that AI will elevate the position of the accountant to be more strategic.
Vision for the Future
Our vision is a world where accountants become data scientists and engineers. They use AI to understand their clients better and build AI agents they need to do their work.

Founding Team

Our team brings together expertise in accounting, enterprise, and technology.

Deepak Lalit
Finance leader with experience in public company audit with EY, and as CFO of PE-backed regulated fintech startups.
Jason Jones
Serial entrepreneur with multiple successful business and exits across fintech. Early investor in several tech companies
Girish Gupta
Engineering leader specializing in fintech. Former CTO at an NLP startup, founder of an open data platform, and data science lead—with a physics background.

Our team and advisors have worked for some of the world’s best financial institutions

Innovative Technology Approach

The Gen AI Stack
Our AI stack is tailored to accounting firms. It brings together all the necessary tools and infrastructure that is needed to power applications.
Secure and Private Instances
Our platforms brings a secure environment, ready for your workforce to start learning and deploying AI to enhance the work they do for clients.
Power to the People
Our platform is built with the end user in mind. We believe that every professional will train their own AI and build their own tools to enhance their work quality

What we do

Our services
Tellen builds AI solutions for mid- and large-sized accounting firms that provide audit, tax and advisory services.
Why Tellen Stands Out
First to market Gen AI infrastructure platform purpose built for accounting firms. We are your first strategic step into the world of AI

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