Launch secure and compliant Gen AI solutions for your accounting firm

Automate your workflows with the latest innovation

Safely empower your employees with Generative AI

Our secure infrastructure allows you to leverage the latest AI technology to enhance client work.

Get the latest Innovation in AI
Our solution goes way beyond LLM's, with access to the latest AI models that boost your productivity and quality of work.
Enterprise-Grade Security
Our solution provides a secure and controlled environment with private end points to all models hosted on your infrastructure.
Build Powerful AI Applications
Our solution allows you to build powerful point-applications and automations of entire workflow across your service lines.
Guidance and Training
Our solution provides the necessary guidance, policies and the training that your employees need to understand and adopt AI

Tellen’s Generative AI Infrastructure Solution

Accounting AI Chatbot

Ask Accounting AI...


Accounting AI App Store


Accounting AI Platform

Infrastructure Organization
Accounting Answers Optimization
Firm & Client Data Optimization
App Store Development Tool

Accounting AI Infrastructure

Document Intelligence Models
Large Language Models
Embedding Models
Vector Databases

Launch your firm's AI platform solution in as little as two weeks

Discover how AI is helping Accounting firms to enhance the quality of their work.

We start with a consultation where we understand the strategic objectives and needs of your firm. At this stage, we can recommend the several point solutions that we have already built for our clients.
The next step is to create an implementation plan with details on how the solution will be deployed at your firm. At this stage, we optimize the underlying technology with your client and firm data infrastructure.
During this stage, the AI infrastructure and the platform are deployed within your accounting firms existing cloud infrastructure. At this stage, we work with you to plan how the solution will be rolled out to employees.
We provide the AI policies and the training that employees need to start adopting AI for their client work in a responsible manner. Our solution incudes resources for continuous professional development

Begin Your Journey to AI Adoption

During this call, you will learn more about our solution and see some of our Demos


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How can I use Tellen in my accounting firm ?
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